This moderately covered panty which lies somewhere in between the sexy thong and the conservative brief flows perfectly in sync with your everyday attire. They have modest butt coverage and semi-hi-cut legs. These panties are ideal for physical workouts.

When to Wear: You might wear them under high waited lowers and jeans or during the bad times of the month.
Period Day Recommended: Heavy Days

Boy Shorts

Inspired from men’s briefs, these are rectangular on the thighs unlike regular panties. They are almost similar to hipsters, but have a lower-cut leg.

When to Wear: These have no visible panty lines so you can use them as things under tight fitted clothes. They can be worn under skater skirts or as loungewear or swimwear.
Period Day Recommended: Light Days



Commonly known as “Granny Panties”, these provide maximum coverage and have a high waist band. These are one of the most comfy styles.

When to Wear: You might wear them under high waited lowers and jeans or during the bad times of the month.
Period Day Recommended: Heavy Days


Very similar to the thongs, very intimate G-string panty provides very less coverage. The front and back fabric directly connect to the waist band which is usually a small string. These are usually picked when you want to spice up things a lil bit!

When to Wear:  Sunbathing or a beach wear
Period Day Recommended: Not Recommended


These are also called hip huggers as the waist band sits on the hips. These have low-cut leg holes and sit lower than the waist. They still provide a lot of coverage and are super comfy.

When to Wear: With low waist jeans and skirts
Period Day Recommended: Heavy Days


Made from bamboo stretch fabric, these panties provide the requisite support without squeezing too hard. They are specially designed to maintain the flow of your changing shape without become too hard on the skin. A must have for all mommies to be, these panties sometimes come with anti-odor specialties to keep you fresh all day long.

Seamless Panties

No other panties can beat the comfort of seamless panties. Just as the name implies, these panties doesn’t have any visible seams with no stitches on them. Hence they make a perfect choice for everyday dress as well as for any type of tight clothing such as leggings.

When to Wear: You can wear them with daily wear including pants, sheer dress, leggings or trousers.
Period Day Recommended: Medium Days


This erotic style sits almost three inches below the waist and provides minimal butt coverage with a triangular patch at the front. The sides of the underwear rest almost on the hip bone. Peekaboo/Crotch-less styles in Thong can add more glamour if anyone would like to try for honeymoon.

When To wear: Bodycon dress or skirts to avoid panty lines
Period Day Recommended: Light Days[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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